2018 Performance Achievement event

PT Angkasa Pura Solusi (APS) held a 2018 Company Performance Achievement event on Friday (30/11) at the APS Headquarter, Domestic Parking Building 4th Floor, Terminal 3, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

The event which began at 10:00 am started with a remark from the APS President Director Maulidin Wahid Honre. In addition to expressing his gratitude to every element of the company for its contribution in realizing 1 Trillion Company, Mr. Maulidin Wahid Honre also emphasized the importance for each member of the company to internalize the 5 main values ​​of APS in their daily lives while working. The New Paradigm of 1 Trillion Company enforces each individual to play important role in the development of companies. The APS five values ​​are summarized in Integrity's words, which are an acronym for Innovative, Teamwork & Collaboration, Strategic Alliance, and Agility. On the same occasion, Maulidin Wahid Honre also socialized the DNA Corporate APS, namely Serving the Best, an extract from APS's vision and values.

After the remarks from the President Director, the series of events continued with the Fashion Parade competition which was attended by all employees divided into units. The participants' high enthusiasm was seen from the costume excitement and sketch readiness displayed. Each unit collided with creativity to present the best performance according to the theme of the 1 Trillion Company which was full of DNA Serving the Best and the 5 main values ​​of the APS. The Aviation Security Unit successfully won the first place, followed by the Human Capital unit in second place, then the Finance unit, and GA & Procurement shared the third place.

APS Commercial Director Yundriati Erdani greatly appreciated the 2018 Thanksgiving for Performance Achievement event. "Through this series of events I saw colleagues at APS have a sense of wanting to compete and give their best. The next task is how we direct these two qualities to work. Position yourself as a large company with a value of 1 trillion. I believe that welfare departs from our sincerity at work. "Maintain the spirit, maintain unity for the success of the company," explained the lady, who was greeted as Mrs. DC (Director of Commercial).

Furthermore, APS President Director Maulidin Wahid Honre also gave a positive response and hoped that this event could be held regularly. "I think this is one of the momentum to build our teamwork. The journey has proven that APS can develop well. "I am sure that APS in the future will become larger, a company  with Corporate DNA Serving The Best," said Mr. Maulidin Wahid Honre.

Thanksgiving for the achievement of PT APS 2018 Performance was closed with a lunch break with all employees until 14.00.


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