Achieving Revenue Performance, PT APS Hold a ceremony with the Board of Commissioners

PT. Angkasa Pura Solusi (PT. APS) hold a special ceremony by inviting the Board of Commissioners of PT. APS, representative of the parent company of PT. Angkasa Pura II (PT. AP II), as well as representatives of subdiaries of PT. APS Integra (PT. APSI) on Friday, December 31st 2018 at the APS Headquarter, Domestic Parking Building 4th Floor, Terminal 3, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

On the Opening speech by the President Director of PT. APS Maulidin Wahid Honre expressed his gratitude to every element within the organization of PT. APS, the parent company of PT. AP II, business partners, and stakeholders for endless support that contributed to the success of PT. APS to exceed the target of achieving 1 Trillion revenue. A great performance in 2018. PT. APS successfully achieved an income figure of 1.3 Trillion rupiahs at the end of the year.

"We call this trip as believing and seeing as taught by Muhammad Awaluddin as the President Commissioner. Based on firm trust, in the future we can see things that we believe are obviously realized. We hope that we can fertilize this believing and seeing concept so that it continues to make the biggest contribution to the parent company," explained Maulidin Wahid Honre while mentioning the company's changes in values ​​that previously LEAD became Integrity, acronyms from Innovation, Team work, Strategic (Alliance), and Agility, and addition of corporate DNA, the basic belief of the company which is Serving the Best.

Maulidin Wahid Honre continued, "We hope, with the concept of believing and seeing, the target of 4 Trillion revenue in 2020 that was written on the business plan (RJPP) can be shorten."

President Director of PT. AP II, who also serves as President Commissioner of PT. APS Muhammad Awaluddin congratulated PT. APS, He also emphasized some strategic suggestions for PT. APS in order to be able to maintain and improve the achievement of the company in the future.

The first thing that must be done for PT. APS to position itself as a company with a value of 1 Trillion is to change the way the management manage their HR, which is the responsibility of the Board of directors of PT. APS. Furthermore, Muhammad Awaluddin mentioned the issue related to the company's bureaucratic process.

"Adding a chain of bureaucracy when the scale of a company grows is not a problem. Problems come when over-regulation arises. "The bigger the size of the company, the bureaucratic process should be slimmer and simpler," he explained.

Finally, His suggestion was to conveyed the necessity of PT. APS to be able to enlarge the business that is non-synergistic in the group because with the size which is reaching 1 T, PT. APS has achieved a good credential. These suggestions are related to the plans of PT. APS to launch a subsidiary company, PT. APS Integra (PT. APSI) to add its portfolio with MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Exhibition) which according to him can be the potential of PT. APS to partner with parties outside the parent group.

"Hopefully PT. APS and the group will grow bigger and one day it can become a kind of sub-holding company at PT. AP II. The signs have been seen, now just watch how fast PT. APS can achieve it. By spinning off the subsidiary business, it is also expected that PT. APS can be a group consolidator of managed companies. PT. AP II as the parent company will always commit to support," concluded Muhammad Awaluddin.

The Event was then closed with potong tumpeng ( a cone -shaped rice dish with side dishes of vegetables and meat cut) ceremony and a dinner with the entire audience.

The event was also attended by Director of Human Capital, General Affairs & Information Technology PT. AP II who is also the Commissioner of PT. APS, Tina T. Kemala Intan, Board of Commissioners of PT. APSI Muhammad Suriawan Wakan, Director of PT. APSI Garnita Pratiwi, as well as senior leaders of the parent company and airport community.


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