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- 19 April 2017 -

Raam Punjabi

"When I Heard about Saphire, I was very curious about it. I made an enquiry and got the card. I feel it is very convenience for frequent travelers such as me. To use the Saphire card it's not only the formality of passing through immigration very fast and with no need to fill in form at the airport, but it's convenient also as it allows you to pick-up and drop off in reserved areas because sometimes it's very difficult to park you car at the airport. I think what Saphire is offering now is already a lot extras and I am very happy with the Service, I dont't know what to expect more. I hope Saphire will continue as it is now"

Film Producer - Multivison Plus

- 19 April 2017 -

Hermawan Kertajaya

"I think Saphire is amazing! it save my time, especially as an always busy person I always come to airport last minute, and if I come back, it is very convenient to use it avoiding the long immigration queue..."

Chairman and President - MarkPlus Inc