PT Angkasa Pura Solusi Won Two Prestigious Awards at the BUMN Track - Mental Revolution Awards 2019

PT Angkasa Pura Solusi (APS) successfully won 2 (two) prestigious awards in the 2nd Mental Revolution Award 2019 held by BUMN Track Magazine in collaboration with the National Mental Revolution Movement Task Force (GNRM) at Borobudur Hotel, Central Jakarta, Thursday (19) / 9). Registered as a participant of a State Owned Enterprise subsidiary, PT APS won the Silver Award for the Indonesian (Orderly Category) and the Silver Winner for the ''The Best CEO of the Mental Revolution (Work Ethic)'', which was awarded to Acting President Director Ms. Yundriati Erdani.

In implementing the values ​​of the mental revolution, especially the Indonesian Orderly Movement, PT Angkasa Pura Solusi is committed to contribute as well as to improve order, including related to complaints management and administration which is synergized with the improvement of supporting facilities and infrastructure. The company also consistently applies strict rules so that behavior towards rules and order is applied by every employee in the work process.

Acting President Director PT APS  Yundriati Erdani also played an important role in instilling the values ​​of mental revolution, that are Integrity, Work Ethics, Mutual Cooperation, to Applications and Programs. Mainly related to the Work Ethic, Yundriati seeks to create a supportive atmosphere in order to increase work spirit, one of which is by building a reward and punishment system that is proportional to the contribution of each employee to the company. In addition, directors should also open bureaucratic baffles, so employees can develop by expressing their opinions and thoughts.

''To instill the values ​​of mental revolution and finally implemented by employees in the work process, the CEO as the leader of the company needs to act as a role model and demonstrate that value through sincerity at work and the willingness to act extra miles for achieving goals,'' explained Yundri.

In its second year, the 2019 Mental Revolution Award carries the theme 'Corporate Transformation: Revitalization of the Mental Revolution'. This event was held to appreciate the contribution of SOE (BUMN) companies, SOE subsidiaries, BPJS Health, BPJS Employment, Provincial Stated Enterprise (BUMD) companies, and Listed companies. in implementing the values ​​of mental revolution based on five movements of change, which are the Indonesia Serving Movement, the Clean Indonesia Movement, the Orderly Indonesia Movement, the Independent Indonesia Movement and the United Indonesia Movement.

The judging process consists of two stages, including the selection of questionnaires and then proceed with the deepening of the material through the presentation and interview of the CEO in front of the jury. 93 participants in total who submitted the questionnaire, 62 companies successfully passed the final stage of the presentation.

Minister of SOE (BUMN) RI 2004-2007 Mr. Sugiharto who served as Chairman of the 2019 Mental Revolution Awards Judges led a credible and competent jury, one of which was the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia H.E. Puan Maharani who was appointed as Honorary Jury.

In his remarks, Mr. Sugiharto said, ''SOEs are aligned with a movement that is formally encouraged by the government to participate in welcoming a better Indonesia. The spirit and movement of the mental revolution is to fulfill or re-dignify the noble values ​​of the nation including integrity, work ethic and mutual cooperation.''

He hopes the 2019 Mental Revolution Awards event can be a trigger for BUMN, BUMD, BPJS, and private companies to work and perform better so that their presence and benefits can be felt by the country.

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