Passenger Services

Passenger Services

Saphire Membership

Saphire (Automatic Passage for Holder of Immigration Regular Entry Card) is a facility that offers exclusivity, priority and efficiency for users of their services. Saphire facilities are specifically designed to make your trip from and through Soekarno-Hatta International Airport a pleasant experience. Saphire members will be spoiled with excellent service through a variety of special offers.

Products and Services

  • Service Time: 05.00 WIB - 23.00 WIB
  • Location of Management: Terminal 2 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (Cengkareng)

Service Description

Since being managed in 2005, APS through Saphire has always tried to make it easy for members to enjoy the facilities offered. To get service, Saphire members only need to go to the Terminal 2D-2E area and submit a passport, Saphire member card, ticket, and luggage to Saphire officers for further processing.

A variety of special features obtained by Saphire members include, fast track access, parking areas, pick-up and delivery zones, selected security lines, check-in counters, and Saphire Lounge.

  • Automatic Border Passage (ABP) / Fast Track

By using an Electronic Information System (EIS) card, Saphire members can access the fast track in the immigration area.

  • Parking Area, Drop-Off, and Pick-Up

For the convenience of members, Saphire provides a special parking area in 2D Terminal which can be enjoyed for free for 30 minutes. In addition, members are also given access to the side of the terminal building to use the exclusive pickup and delivery area provided.

  • Security Path

Without having to queue with the airport's general visitors, Saphire members are privileged to use a special lane that goes directly to the X-Ray inspection area.

  • Check-in counter

Regardless of the difference in flight classes, Saphire members can check-in at special counters with airlines that work together in the Saphire program. As a differentiator, the special counter contains the Saphire logo to make it easier for users.

  • Saphire Lounge

The lounge provided specifically for Saphire members is located in the public area of ​​Terminal 2D-2E. The Saphire Lounge facility is equipped with check-in and baggage handling services. In addition to Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Saphire Lounge is also available at other airport branches, such as Bandung, Deli Serdang, Jambi, and Pangkal Pinang.

During operational hours, Saphire officers are scattered in the parking area, security lane, and ABP. If you want to use services outside working hours, Saphire members can go directly to the Immigration Checkpoint.

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