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Passenger Services

Saphire Lounge of Bandung

Saphire Lounge of Bandung comes with the concept of Truly Indonesian Hospitality in presenting superior service for each customer. Modern elements of interior design, it is combined dynamically with traditional West Javanese content displayed through beautiful ornaments in every corner of the lounge.

Saphire Lounge of Bandung Blue Sky has been establised at Husein Sastranegara Airport since 2016 in a form of cooperation between PT Angkasa Pura Solusi (APS) and Joint Operation partner PT Bumi Liputan Jaya.

Products & Services

  • Service Time: 05.00 WIB - 20.00 WIB
  • Location of Management: Domestic Terminal 2nd Floor Boarding Area Husein Sastranegara International Airport (Bandung)

Service Description

In general, Saphire Lounge of Bandung presents a variety of standard lounge facilities which include, coffee corner, worship room, smoking room, shopping corner, toilet, all you can eat buffets, relaxation music, reading corners, and FIDS (Flight Information Display System), the screens to view flight schedules.

However, in its implementation, Saphire Lounge of Bandung enclosures some of the uniqueness that distinguishes it from the Saphire lounge in other regions. The Truly Indonesian Hospitality concept is displayed using West Java's cultural heritage, namely Batik Kawung as the main ornament that adorns the lounge.

In addition, local content was tried to be lifted through traditional instrument music and West Java's all you can eat buffet menus, such as Thick Beef Noodle Soup (Mie Kocok), Mixed Nuts Sauce Vegetables (Gado-Gado/Lotek), Traditional West Javanese (Bajigur), a palm Sugar and Coconut milk drink, and a sweet and spicy by herbs of West Javanese drink (Bandrek). The variation of menus will be renewed every few months with other regional specialties.

The touch of the area also appears in the variety of items traded in the Shopping Corner. Customers can buy authentic goods from local regional partners, such as Hadiprana Accents (jewelry boxes, watch boxes, stationery sets with batik designs) and reptile bags from Tina Mitra Jambi. The buying and selling process is made easier by the presence of shopping assistants who are ready to help customers make their own choices while shopping.

To serve the privilege customer, Saphire ambassadors prioritize a unique touch called 2T and 4S. 2T aspects, which are Taste of our Food and Touch of our Hospitality Service. While 4S represents the Sense of the Lounge (Bandung's signature lounge), Sight (attractive and comfortable interior design), Sound (special music), and Spiritual Spirit (commitment to providing the best service).

In order to reach a wider range of customers, Saphire Lounge of Bandung works with several bank partners, airlines, and world airport lounge access programs, such as Priority Pass and Dragon Pass. This approach is an effort of Saphire Lounge of Bandung to facilitate comfort by offering convenience to customer and airline passengers.

Development Plan

In order to meet the demands of customers and airline passengers, in 2019 Saphire Lounge of Bandung plans to add seating capacity of 24 seats by expanding an area of approximately 75 square meters.

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