Passenger Services

Passenger Services

Saphire Lounge of Jambi Airport

Since the operation began in 2016, the Jambi Saphire Lounge, which was established as a collaboration between PT Angkasa Pura Solusi (APS) and joint operation partner PT Trikama Boga, it has been consistently providing the best lounge services for its customers and airline passengers. By combining luxury and local content as the main value of service, Saphire Lounge of Jambi offers unique features to provide visitors with an airport lounge experience.

Products and Services

  • Service Time: 04.30 WIB - 19.00 WIB
  • Management Location: Sultan Thaha Airport (Jambi) Departure Terminal

Service Description

Saphire Lounge of Jambi presents standard lounge facilities, such as prayer room, toilets, prayer rooms, buffets, coffee corners, shopping venues, and free wi-fi that can be enjoyed by both Saphire members and non-members by directly visiting the Saphire Lounge location.

However, for visitors who want to experience premium service, the Saphire Lounge with a 45 seats capacity offers Fast Track services (La Premiere) that will accommodate all of the visitors' needs from arrival at the airport until boarding time arrives. Customers only need to wait and enjoy various facilities within the lounge area until the flight arrives.

The differentiation of Jambi Saphire Lounge services is also sought by presenting a touch of local content in several aspects. In terms of clothing, two days in a week Saphire Lounge officers wear typical Jambi batik, while front liners wear traditional Jambi clothes complete with Tengkuluk. Not only through clothing, Jambi culture was also introduced through music and folk songs played in the lounge area. This approach was the contribution of the Jambi Saphire Lounge in introducing Jambi culture and traditions to the visitors.

Focusing on customer satisfaction, Saphire Lounge of Jambi puts forward 3 main elements, which are People, Process, and Premises. People's element, the Saphire Lounge of Jambi positions its officers not only as delivery services, but also as guest consultants. Lounge visitors who have just come to Jambi for the first time can get important recommendations and information regarding the privileges of the local area from the guest consultants. The Process Element emphasizes that the Saphire Lounge of Jambi always strives to provide services that will stick to the hearts and minds of visitors. While the Premises element refers to the concept of luxury lounge buildings which are expected to exceed customer expectations.

Not only intended for non-member and Saphire member customers, Saphire Lounge of Jambi also facilitates airline users and bank partner customers. In addition, the Jambi Saphire Lounge also collaborates with several airport lounge access programs, such as Priority Pass, Club Lounge and Key Lounge.

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