Passenger Services

Passenger Services

Saphire Blue Sky Premier Lounge at Domestic Terminal of Kualanamu International Airport

Established in 2013, Saphire Blue Sky Premier Lounge at Kualanamu International Airport makes customer convenience a top priority. A variety of exclusive facilities, from Dedicated Fast Lane Track to Check-In Assistance are presented to improve the quality of the lounge user experience at each visit.

Products and Services

  • Service Time: 05.00 am - 22.00 pm
  • Management Location: Kualanamu International Airport (Deli Serdang) Domestic Departure Terminal

Service Description

Saphire Blue Sky Premier Lounge of Kualanamu strives to provide a comprehensive service that facilitates the customer's flight needs from arrival to departure. When arriving at the drop-off area, customers are given access to use a Dedicated Fast Lane Track to avoid being queued. Furthermore, staff on guard at the Saphire booth will assist lounge users in baggage handling and check-in assistance. To facilitate mobilization in the Domestic Terminal area, there are also two Boogie Car units that are ready to take customers from and to Kualanamu's Saphire Blue Sky Premier Lounge.

Upon arrival in the lounge, customers can enjoy a variety of attractive facilities at the highest quality. Starting from the coffee bar, all you can eat buffets, smoking rooms, prayer rooms, bath rooms, nursing rooms, meeting rooms, wi-fi connections, to reflexology services.

In addition, as an effort to differentiate services, Kualanamu's Saphire Blue Sky Premier Lounge combines modern and traditional values ​​in several aspects, including interior design, fashion and food. Especially, the interior and fashion design, Saphire Blue Sky Premier Lounge highlights the motifs of Batik Ulos that are displayed through cloth ornaments on the walls of the room and uniforms worn by the staff. While for cuisine, presented a combination of local and foreign flavors on the menu of all you can eat buffets. Another unique feature of the lounge with a capacity of 90 seats in an area of 588 meters2 of is Live Cooking, which is the action of cooking, complimented by chef directly in the buffet area which is organized every morning and evening with a different menu.

In order to reach a wide range of customers, currently Saphire Blue Sky Premier Lounge of Kualanamu has been working together  with several bank partners, travel agents, and world airport access card programs, such as Priority Pass and Dragon Pass.

Development Plan

  • Presenting the Shopping Corner that works with local regional partners.
  • Provides independent check-in kiosk facilities equipped with a luggage weighing machine.

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