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Smart Taxi in mobile Indonesia Airports apps

Lone traveler has become common for most airport service users. Whether it is for business or private leisure trips. To save time and energy, a solo traveler also chose to use public transportation to and from the airport. One of the most commonly used modes of transportation is taxis.

For those who have used conventional taxi services at the airport, surely you know that you have to be patient enough to face a long line of queues. If you are being hunted for time, this method is certainly not efficient.

To answer this problem, PT Angkasa Pura Solusi offers an airport taxi booking online facility through the Smart Taxi feature. This effort is to increase the convenience of airport service users.

The Smart Taxi feature available in the Indonesia Airports mobile application allows airport passengers to order the type of taxi they want, anytime and anywhere.

To order is very easy. After downloading the Indonesia Airports mobile application and creating a personal account, on the "My Transport" menu select the "My Taxi" feature. Then, determine the location of the Terminal where you are at that time. Then a display will appear showing the different types of taxis that you are free to choose. Complete with information about the number of taxis available and the number of queues left.

Queue numbers will get passengers shortly after placing an order. By ordering Smart Taxi, you no longer need to wait long in uncertainty as well as when ordering a conventional taxi offline.

The Indonesia Airport mobile application can be downloaded on Google Play for Android and App Store users for iOS users.

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