PT. Angkasa Pura Solusi subsidiary of PT. Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Launches Saphire-Bluesky Premier Lounge at Kulanamu Deli Serdang International Airport with Check In Assistance service

The growth of airport passengers reaching more than 200 million domestic passengers in 2017 requires airport management to improve passenger services, comfort and security.

Passenger mobility as well as capacity can affect the quality of service and security of passengers which can also adversely affect the performance of airport managers and all related industries in general. One of the solution made by PT. Angkasa Pura Solusi (APS) as the management of Saphire-Bluesky Premier Lounge is Check in Assistance services.

According to the President Director of APS Maulidin Wahid Honre, Saphire-Bluesky Premier Lounge which has a Check In Assistance service, is the result of the company's innovation to provide satisfaction to customers so that customers get one of the experiences (airport experience) which prioritizes convenience for prospective passengers at the airport visited.

Passenger mobility is so significant, where all passengers must also follow the standard safety and security flow at the airport which can cause discomfort. Saphire-Bluesky Premier Lounge with the concept of Check In Assistance provides solutions with overall services to passengers, especially airline passengers. By becoming a member of the Saphire-Bluesky Premier Lounge at Kualanamu International Airport Medan, in addition getting Check In Assistance services, passengers will be spoiled with more exclusive lounge services, musholla facilities, shower rooms, reflexology, meeting rooms, nursery rooms, and varied food menus .

Furthermore, as an effort to expand its venture outside the airport business, PT. Angkasa Pura Solusi collaborates with the Royal Prima General Hospital and Prima Indonesia University. The signing of the MOU was conducted in conjunction with the launch of the Saphire-Bluesky Premier Lounge at Kualanamu International Airport Deli Serdang on September 6, 2018.